Brand Identity, Positioning and Design

I'll help you articulate your unique story and partner with you to co-create a clear brand strategy for your company or business.

Launch Strategy and Go-to-Market Plan

Looking to ship a new product or service? I'll help create a launch strategy to target the right audience, and build marketing campaigns and assets for your debut.

Marketing Campaign Management

Let's set your team up for success with an integrated marketing plan across all digital channels — from onsite content to email, social media and influencer marketing.

Fractional CMO

A full-time CMO doesn't always make business sense. I'll support your team with marketing leadership that scales to fit your needs.


AI for financial wellness

Client was a venture-funded series A startup with an AI financial co-pilot that needed to increase brand awareness and grow its user base.


Developed a new brand architecture for the client with clear value propositions to each target persona. Created marketing plans and campaigns across social media and new channels such as Reddit and Discord. Onboarded partners, influencers to tap into new audiences.


Delivered compelling new brand identity. Drove double digit growth in monthly active users, achieved CPCs several times below industry averages.


Brand strategy for online marketplace

Client was a marketplace which targeted retail businesses. It had not invested in developing a clear brand strategy and its site was seeing low engagement and conversion.


Developed a new brand strategy, building up brand architecture and distilling into new logo, palette, site guidelines, brand taglines. The customer-facing site was redesigned to convey a fresher, more consumer-friendly ethos. Business processes and internal systems were established to clearly track conversion funnels, client onboarding and customer success.


Conversion improved significantly and retail customer base grew multiple times YoY.


Reaching a new beauty-obsessed audience

Client was a prestige beauty brand which had seen slower growth and needed to re-engage a broader, younger demographic


Identified attractive new audiences and new compelling messaging to reach and engage this target demographic. Developed a portfolio of go-to-market initiatives including industry partnerships, influencer and social media strategies to drive conversion and sales in a brand-relevant and more cost-effective way.


Client was able to reach new audiences and stabilize and turnaround plateauing sales.


Digital activation for healthcare initiatives

Client needed to drive more awareness and sales via digital channels for client's new healthcare offering.


Developed and executed on a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy which ramped quickly up over a 2 month period.


Drove tens of millions of impressions with significantly lower CPMs and CPCs, making up more than 50% of site traffic.


Clothing rental ambassadors

Client was a clothing rental subscription service whose cost per acquisition was escalating, making it challenging to maintain its growth trajectory.


Conducted market research and customer focus groups to gather input on how to drive customer referrals. Designed a supercharged short referral network where customers were invited to be a part of an ambassador program to receive perks, prizes and referral credit. Tested and refined program over several phases.


Drove cost of acquisition down by over 50%, adding several hundred new brand ambassadors and thousands of referrals